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Studio 300 Policy PDF Print E-mail
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Studio 300, Fountaindale's digital media creation center, offers dedicated equipment, computers, suites and collaboration rooms to serve the latest hardware and software technology needs of the Fountaindale community. Use of Studio 300 is governed by the policy established by the Library Board of Trustees and any applicable rules or regulations adopted by the Library. The Library Director as the executor of the policy for the Board of Trustees has discretion in determining what use is "in the best interest of the Library" and is authorized to act accordingly, including limiting the use of Studio 300 by individuals whose activities interfere with Library operations, adversely affect public safety, or cause public disturbances. The Board of Trustees may modify, amend or supplement this policy, as it deems necessary and appropriate.


Studio 300 is intended for small groups or individuals who seek to create and edit media projects involving, but not limited to, video, audio, music, photography, digitization and illustration. Studio 300 media computers and suites are available for patrons working on digital media projects. Group collaboration rooms are designed for, but not limited to, hosting or participating in videoconferences or virtual meetings, digital editing and design, project development, training and discussion. Computers intended for general computing purposes are available in Children's Services, the Vortex, and the 2nd floor Computer Commons. General computing activities such as word processing, web browsing, email, social networking or gaming are not priorities in Studio 300. Rooms intended for quiet study or general meetings are available elsewhere in the Library.


Priority for reserving the use of Studio 300 suites and collaboration rooms is given in accordance with Fountaindale Public Library's Meeting Room Policy. Studio 300 computers and audiovisual equipment are available to Fountaindale cardholders in good standing on a first-come, first-served basis. Children younger than the age of 8 using Studio 300 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or caregiver over the age of 14 in conjunction with the Library's Unattended Child Policy. Circulating audiovisual equipment is limited to Fountaindale Public Library cardholders in good standing.


Upon arrival, individuals requesting the use of Studio 300 media computers must check in at the desk for a computer session.

A person's own valid Fountaindale library card is required to use Studio 300 media computers. Guest passes are not accepted for Studio 300 computer use and will not be issued.

All Fountaindale library cardholders will receive an initial two hour session on a first-come, first-served basis. Extra time on public computers may be accommodated to library cardholders in 30 minute increments up to four hours per day if no one is waiting for a computer. Additional time beyond that may be granted to Fountaindale Library cardholders by staff in 30 minute increments with no limit as long as approximately 10% of the computers in the area remain available. Reservations will be made for patrons when the computer areas are full, and session lengths will shorten thirty minutes prior to the daily closing time.

Additional time on computers is not guaranteed if a media project is rendering or is in the process of finalizing. As such, media computers will be logged out if another patron is waiting.

Computers and equipment may be reserved by Studio 300 staff for training purposes.


Reservations are encouraged for the use of Studio 300's suites, collaboration rooms and related equipment.

Suites, collaboration rooms and their accompanying non-circulating equipment may be reserved in session lengths of up to four hours, with a maximum of eight hours per month per cardholder depending on room and equipment availability. Reservations are accepted up to 90 days from the current date and deposits are not required.

Patrons are also invited to contact or visit Studio 300 to request the immediate use of dedicated equipment, computers, suites and collaboration rooms, where availability will be reviewed.

Studio 300 is designed for collaboration, but the production suites have maximum capacity limits with no exceptions. Please refer to the Studio 300 information packet for these capacities.

A person's own valid Fountaindale Public Library card is required to use and reserve Studio 300 suites and collaboration rooms. Adult Fountaindale Public Library cardholders in good standing are eligible to reserve and use the collaboration suites and production spaces. Parents who accompany their children ages 15 and younger may check out Studio 300 suites and collaboration rooms for their child or teen on their own adult Fountaindale Public Library card as long as the parent and child have both attended a Studio 300 orientation and are both present at time of check out. Children under age 8 must be accompanied by an adult, guardian, or caregiver 14 years or older.

The cardholder responsible for the event booking must be present at all times, with the exception of parents who sign for their teens, ages 12 through 15.

Additional photo identification will be sought upon a cardholder's initial use of Studio 300 suites, collaboration rooms or equipment rental. In accordance with the Library's Circulation policy and as an identity theft precaution, the Library will photograph cardholders for the sole purpose of including the photo as an identifying piece in our cardholder database.

The process for reserving Studio 300 suites and collaboration rooms is generally in accordance with the Library's Meeting Room Policy. A patron booking a Studio 300 suite or collaboration room must present his or her own Fountaindale library card in order to sign into and out of the reserved room. This library card presented upon check-in must match the account which was initially used to book the room, or must be produced within ten minutes of the reservation start time to avoid a forfeited reservation. The cardholder will be asked to sign a waiver upon each individual use of suites or collaboration rooms within Studio 300.

Rooms may not be left unattended while reserved and in use. If the responsible cardholder leaves their own reserved space unattended without notifying Studio 300 staff (even if others are present in their group), the reservation will be immediately forfeited and future reservations may be denied.

Once a room has been vacated for more than ten minutes, the Library reserves the right to remove the user's belongings without assuming responsibility or liability thereof and to reassign the room to an available status.

Patrons must cancel reservations at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled use. Failure to provide 24 hours notice of a cancellation may be grounds for suspension of Studio 300 privileges. Patrons who have not arrived within ten minutes of the scheduled start time will be considered no-shows and the reservation will be removed. Patrons who show up late will not have extended sessions.

Depending on the circumstances, individuals or groups who do not cancel appointments may receive one warning. A second occurrence will result in a 3 month suspension of Studio 300 collaboration room and suite reservations. Repeated violations may result in a longer suspension.


Staff are available for basic assistance and for working one on one with novice users. Studio Services staff are available during all hours of operation and will attempt to assist patrons at the point of need. Comprehensive online training, eBook and book resources are available. Staff can assist with transferring equipment to the audio/video production spaces and the group conferencing rooms.

Scheduled one-on-one training sessions with the Studio 300 staff is highly encouraged and are intended for assistance with Studio 300 supported software and equipment. Appointments will not be accepted for extensive artistic or graphic design consultation or general computing questions.


An extensive collection of digital media equipment is available for use by Fountaindale Library cardholders. A person's own valid Fountaindale public library card is required to use and reserve Studio 300 portable laptops and equipment. Some hardware must remain in Studio 300, designated as reference (non-circulating) items, while other hardware items are intended for use off site, designated as circulating equipment. Equipment solely intended for use within Studio 300 suites and collaboration rooms includes laptops, musical instruments and dedicated high-end audiovisual equipment. Equipment for use off-site includes, but is not limited to, digital cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, microphones, lenses and hard drives. In all cases, equipment will be checked out to Fountaindale cardholders for use in or outside Studio 300.

Studio 300 equipment is available to valid Fountaindale library cardholders ages 16 and above who have completed a Studio 300 orientation. Parents who accompany their children ages 15 and younger may check out Studio 300 equipment on a child or teen's card as long as the parent and child have both attended a Studio 300 orientation and are both present at time of check out.

All patrons will be asked to sign a waiver upon each individual use of equipment within Studio 300 and for loan. Credit card authorization will be required for circulating equipment checkouts totaling $250.00 or more. Fountaindale cardholders will be limited to five pieces of equipment at any one time. Items will be checked in after a thorough inspection for condition; patrons are encouraged to be present during this evaluation.

Equipment intended for use within Studio 300 is loaned for a period of 4 hours. Equipment intended for checkout and use outside of Studio 300 is loaned for a period of 3 days. In all cases, grace periods and renewals are not allowed on any equipment loaned by Studio 300.

With the exception of the computers, those who wish to use Studio 300 equipment and suites must attend a previously scheduled group orientation or request a one-on-one orientation with a Studio 300 staff member. Drop-in orientation, software and equipment training for group collaboration rooms will be accommodated if possible. Certain advanced equipment and software will require additional training and practical demonstration.

Availability of equipment is not guaranteed. Reservations are encouraged and availability is contingent on patrons returning equipment in a timely manner. Patrons are responsible for returning all equipment directly to Studio 300 staff on time and in good condition.


Food and Drink: Food or uncovered beverages are not permitted in Studio 300 or any of its rooms.

Noise: Due to the creative and collaborative nature of Studio 300, there is no guarantee of a silent atmosphere. All Studio 300 visitors are asked to be respectful of each other and of the Library's conduct policy regarding noise.

Content Creation and Copyright: Studio 300 created content must conform to acceptable community and legal standards.

Collaboration: Media computers in Studio 300 are designed for collaboration. There is a maximum of two people at any single computer station and three people at a dual monitor station. There are group collaboration rooms available for small groups up to six to collaborate using laptop computers.

Free access: Library personnel must have free access to the Studio 300 production spaces at all times. The Library retains the right to monitor all activity conducted on Library premises for the purpose of ensuring compliance with Library rules and regulations.

Media Conversion: Studio 300 staff will not convert media or finalize projects in the absence of the content owner. Studio 300 visitors must be present at all times while projects are digitizing and/or rendering. Exceptions may be made at the Studio Services Manager's discretion.

Use of Personal Devices: Studio 300 visitors are encouraged to connect personal devices to Studio 300 equipment; however, support for such equipment may not necessarily be available. Library staff may disconnect personal devices which interfere with the operation of Library equipment or ability of other users to complete projects. Compatibility of personal devices with Studio 300 hardware and software is never guaranteed.

Content ownership: The Library reserves the right to erase user files left on Library owned hard drives without prior notice.


The library cardholder who reserves the suites or collaboration rooms and their dedicated equipment will be considered the main user and will bear responsibility for any damage or misuse of the equipment. It is the user's responsibility to sign a waiver attesting that the rooms and equipment are in proper working order. Faulty equipment or room concerns must be reported immediately. Cardholders are responsible for returning and restoring all rooms and equipment to their originally checked out condition. Items will be checked in after a thorough inspection for condition; patrons are encouraged to be present during this evaluation.

Equipment may not be returned to the library drive-up, automatic returns, or book drops. It must be brought directly to the Studio 300 service desk with no exceptions. Items returned through Automated Material Handlers, book drops or to another library will be fined.

Fines on overdue equipment can be found in the Fine Schedule (Appendix 2 of Fountaindale Public Library's Circulation Policy). Overdue fines may accrue for equipment kept after 4 hours of use within Studio 300. In addition, fines are applicable for teacher cards for Studio 300 equipment and collections. Fines will not be waived for lost items. Circulating equipment that is checked out for more than 7 days (held overdue for five days) or is returned damaged will be billed to the cardholder for the full replacement cost for the overdue or damaged item plus any overdue fines. Damaged items will not be discharged from the cardholder's account. Non-circulating equipment in use within Studio 300 that is not returned within 4 hours will be fined or billed.

Cardholders who have outstanding charges for lost or damaged equipment will be denied Studio 300 privileges and other library privileges until the charges are reconciled.

The Library does not assume responsibility for personal items or personal equipment left behind or checked out to cardholders. Equipment usage privileges will be revoked due to careless handling of library owned equipment, repeated tardiness in returning library owned equipment, or damage. Please note that unattended library equipment is considered careless handling.


Fair Use: U.S. copyright law provisions for fair use of music, artwork and other creative works are extremely restrictive. Each person is personally responsible for knowing the copyright status of any music or graphic material included in digital media projects. Numerous resources exist for fair use media materials.

Illegal downloading, file sharing and duplication: Computers and the Library network may not be used to illegally upload, download, or copy copyrighted materials including software, music, videos and graphics. This includes the use of online services that facilitate the unlicensed sharing of media files. Duplication of commercial CDs or DVDs is not permitted.

Scanning, digitization and media conversion: Concerns about copyright infringement extend to the use of equipment to duplicate copyright-protected documents and graphic materials. Each patron assumes all responsibility for observing copyright restrictions when using scanners in the library.


Anyone who uses the Library's computing and information resources must adhere to the Library's Computer Use and Internet policies.

A range of printers and scanners are available. Costs can be found on the Equipment Use Fees list (Appendix 3 of Fountaindale Public Library's Circulation Policy).

For security and privacy, all computer storage is regularly erased and cannot be recovered. Equipment that uses removable media storage cards or has hard drives for media storage will be erased upon return and cannot be recovered.

The Library and its staff are not liable for any loss, damage or expense sustained by any user due to the utilization of services, equipment, software, advice, or information.


The Board of Trustees of the Fountaindale Public Library District will review the Studio 300 policy and regulations periodically and reserves the right to amend them at any time. The Board authorizes the Library Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances. The Library Director is the chief person empowered to make decisions regarding the availability and use of the study rooms. The Library Director has delegated authority to approve Studio 300 usage to the Studio 300 staff.

Any appeals for changes to, or exceptions to, any portion of the Studio 300 policy will be considered. An individual wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Library Director in writing. The Library Director will respond in writing.



Phone: 630-759-2102

M-Th: 9 AM - 9 PM
F & Sa: 9 AM - 6 PM
Su: 12 PM - 6 PM


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