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Have you seen the Lincoln Exhibit?

Journey up to the third floor through June 27th to see Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, a traveling exhibit that offers a fresh and innovative perspective on Lincoln and focuses on his struggle to meet the political and constitutional challenges of the Civil War. The exhibition explores how Lincoln used the Constitution to confront three intertwined crises of the war—the secession of Southern states, slavery and wartime civil liberties.

Make your mark on Bolingbrook with Street Art!

Join the Bolingbrook Arts Council and Fountaindale Public Library for a free chalk-drawing event this summer! Sign up for one Street Art session to create a chalk masterpiece on the library’s entryway sidewalk. All sessions are scheduled first come, first serve with 11 reservations available per day. Space is limited and registration is required. Reserve your spot today by calling 630.759.5610 or emailing bolingbrookstreetart2015 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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