Calling all makers! Want to show off your creativity and make something one of a kind? Look no further! Studio 300 is your one-stop-shop for all things maker. Register today and get expert instruction from our staff at these specialized classes. You’ll be operating our machines on your own before you can say “Brother SE-400 Embroidery Machine.” (All classes begin at 6:30 p.m., and registration opens three weeks before each date.)

KRK Zing Vinyl Cutter
Thursday, January 3 & Tuesday, February 12

Learn to use different types of vinyl material on our KRK Zing vinyl cutter. After this class you can design custom decals and stickers to show off your unique style!

Carvey CNC Desktop Fabricator
Tuesday, January 8

Learn to use our Carvey CNC Desktop Fabricator with a variety of materials. After this class you can carve custom signs, art and more to your hearts content!

CR-10 3D Printer & Cura Software
Thursday, January 17

Learn about our CR-10 3D Printer and the software you’ll need to manage 3D printing functions. After this class you can design and print brilliant gifts, trinkets and toys!

Brother SE-400 Embroidery Machine
Wednesday, January 23

Learn all about our Brother SE-400 embroidery machine. After this class you can stitch your creations onto your hats, shirts, sweaters and more!

If these dates don’t work for your schedule, you can book a one-on-one appointment with our Studio 300 staff to learn the ins and outs of a machine before you use it. Questions? Call 630.685.4260 for details.