We offer four fantastic eResources by Scholastic: BookFlix, FreedomFlix, ScienceFlix and TrueFlix. What are they? Well, I’m glad you asked.

What’s the deal with BookFlix?

Oh man, if you haven’t checked out BookFlix yet, do so immediately. This eResource has an amazing number of video storybooks from Weston Woods, a division of Scholastic. Video storybooks sound crazy, I know, but they’re great. The fiction books have gorgeously animated illustrations, and all the books have a readalong option that highlights the text as the narrator reads.

Every fiction title is paired with a nonfiction title, so if any questions come up after reading Curious George Rides a Bike, you can just click on Monkeys and Other Mammals, the nonfiction title next. This is a great resource for everyone: kids, parents and teachers. Want to do a unit on weather? BookFlix has that! Bamlesson plan done! Is your child tired of all the storytime books at home? Easy peasy! Breakout Bookflix for an exciting, interactive reading session.


What’s FreedomFlix about?

If you love history—or just need to study it—hold on to your hat! FreedomFlix has eBooks, articles, images, videos, project ideas, quizzes and more. Every topic also has an Explore More section which links you directly to related people, places, things and events. You can start on “Slavery and the Civil War: The Emancipation Proclamation,” and end up reading about segregation afterwards. Or, you can keep going and link directly to the Emancipation Proclamationthat’s a primary source! You can cover everything from ancient Mesopotamia to World War I to hydrofracking.


Why use ScienceFlix when I’ve got Google?

I think I can help you here. Google is a great tool, but if you’re going to use it, you’re going to have to double check every source for accuracy because anyone can put anything up on the web. Luckily, Scholastic does check sources for us!

ScienceFlix provides scientific data in the form of videos, articles, experiments and even additional websites as resources—though be warned, Scholastic doesn’t fact check those additional websites. ScienceFlix keeps helping you out by allowing every user to choose between three different reading levels. Every article has a readaloud feature, links to related scientific terms, a built in dictionary, a science lab to give hands-on experience, other media and articles and they even show you how to cite your sources for school projects!

Beyond that, ScienceFlix has a section on careers in science which helps show kids all the different ways they might get involved in scientific endeavors in the future. This one’s pretty much got it all.


What can TrueFlix teach me?

Great question. TrueFlix is an eResource by, you guessed it, Scholastic. Once you’re in, you are no more than three mouse clicks away from hundreds of informational eBooks, videos and articles on a variety of social studies and science topics.

That’s history on ancient civilizations, stats on the USA and other countries, information on how the government works and endless data on the animal kingdom, disasters, earth science, ecosystems, science experiments and more.

There are plenty of helpful images and fun facts, and the text is straightforward and easy to understand. All this content comes directly from Scholastic’s True Books series, so it’s already been thoroughly fact checked. You never need to worry about if the information is accurate. What a relief in this day and age, am I right? 


Well, there you go. Now you know how awesome these eResources are. And we haven’t even touched on all the functions available. Check out these and all of our other amazing eResources now!