We’ve added new dolls and accessories to our doll collection! Meet Joss, American Girl of the Year 2020, take home new fashionista dolls, discover our new diversity dolls and more!

New American Girl: Joss Kendrick

Joss Kendrick is the newest American Girl Doll! Place a hold now to get on the list to check her out. Like the other American Girl dolls, Joss circulates with a carrying case that holds a book, a pair of pajamas and a hairbrush. She is the first doll in our collection to have her own hearing aid accessory.

“Joss is a fierce surfer girl who never backs down from a challenge—even if it means taking a chance on something new, like trying out for cheer. But landing a spot on the cheer team is harder than it looks: Joss is hard of hearing and often misses the count. She’s determined to prove herself as a cheerleader and a surfer girl and realizes that an all-in attitude and an open mind might help her fly higher than ever before.” – AmericanGirl.com

Diversity Dolls and Accessories

Check out our arm crutches to go with any 18-inch American Girl at home or in our collection. For the Different Abilities Barbie doll kit, there is a choice of two dolls. Each doll comes with a wheelchair and a ramp that fits a Barbie doll house. All of these items come with the book Different Abilities.

doll sized forearm crutches

New Barbies: Career Dolls

The fashionista Barbie doll kit includes four dolls with different outfits and a book about jobs like being a fashion designer, costume designer or fashion buyer.

The firefighter Barbie doll kit includes a Barbie doll, a Ken doll and the book Firefighters’ Handbook by Meghan McCarthy

The robotics engineer Barbie doll kit includes a doll with accessories and the picture book Ara the Star Engineer by Komal Singh.

The soccer player Barbie doll kit includes a Ken doll, a Barbie doll, doll-sized soccer balls and the book Breakaway by David Sabino.

Lastly, but first in awesomeness, WE HAVE PRINCESS SHURI! The Shuri Black Panther doll kit includes the Shuri doll and the book Ada Twist’s Big Book for Stellar Scientists, a book full of science activities to try yourself (no vibranium necessary).

Ask for dolls at the Children’s Services desk. Dolls check out for one week. You can place a hold on up to three dolls at a time if a doll you want is checked out.