This year’s official Census Day is Wednesday April 1, and even though we are closed until further notice and American citizens are being asked to stay in their homes for the next few weeks, you can still complete your census return online or by phone or mail before the end date.

Why is the Census So Important?

  • Each person counted in the census generates over $1,400 for our community.
  • Census data funds high-need programs such as free/reduced school lunches, free summer meals for children and free medical services in our community.
  • Affordable housing, improvements to roads and highways, and emergency services such as fire departments depend on census information.

The 2020 census will NOT ask you about:

  • Your citizenship
  • Your banking information
  • Your social security number

Our community is counting on you to be counted in the 2020 census. By not participating, our community will lose much needed funding to provide essential services to the people and programs who need them the most.

How Can I Complete My Census Return?

Follow the instructions on your official census invitation letter. If you have not received an invitation by mail, you can lookup your address and complete the census online. This is a simple and easy-to-use website.

If you do not have internet access, or if you would prefer to speak to a person, you are welcome to call the US Census Bureau and complete your return by phone at 844.330.2020. I spoke with a representative on the phone a few days ago and they were exceptionally kind and helpful. And as always, you can complete your return by mail.

Can I Fill Out My Return When The Library Opens?

Provided we reopen on or before April 1, you will have access to the self-serve Census 2020 stations on each floor of the library. These computers are available to the public and do not require a library card. Three stations will be available at the following locations:

  • Behind the Children’s Services Desk near the public copy machine
  • Behind the 2nd Floor Service Desk between the two OPAC computers
  • Behind the 3rd Floor Service Desk between the two OPAC computers

Each 2020 Census computer station is locked to the US Census website. You can also complete your census return in the 2nd Floor Computer Commons.

For more information on how your census information impacts our community, visit the Bolingbrook Complete Count Commission website. And be sure to check out my previous Census blog post for additional resources.