Already burned through all of the Tiger King episodes and on the hunt for something else to watch, read or listen to? Then look no further than hoopla! Hoopla is one of our premiere streaming services that you can access for free at home. It is chock-full of movies and TV shows, eBooks, eAudiobooks and entire music albums.

Hoopla has a great selection of titles across multiple formats. One thing I really enjoy is the various browse categories they offer. One that I have been particularly enjoying in light of the current situation is the Apocalypse & Disaster Movies category, which features fun titles like Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies and Snakes on a Train.

Hoopla also features a fabulous assortment of music and music categories like 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, 2020 Juno Awards and 2020 Grammy Award Winners & Nominees.

Looking for graphic novels? Hoopla provides an incredible selection of comics and graphic novels. I am a big fan of the Planet of the Apes series and I really enjoy the graphic novel adaptation of the series.

Whether you’re looking for some new movies, TV shows, or music to stream, Hoopla has you covered. If you’d rather relax with a good book, Hoopla has thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks available at your fingertips. During these difficult times, let your library card be the gateway to an incredible (and free) streaming experience!

*Written by and posted on behalf of Jacob Luce, Acquisitions Supervisor.