The broom has been part of the magical world as long as we can remember—in movies, television and literature. I remember the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz carting her trusty broom. The opening credits of the BeWitched series, and its movie counterpart, had Samantha Stevens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery and Nicole Kidman, respectively, on their brooms. Some of our favorite ‘Broom’ titles from the Children’s Department to read are Broom, Zoom! by Julia Donaldson; Room on the Broom by Caron Lee Cohen and Broom-Mates by Margie Palatini!

We can’t forget, arguably the most famous broom in literature and movies, Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000! This broom was Harry’s prized secret gift. We find out later it was a gift from Professor McGonagall because Harry joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team. You can read more information about the phenomenal popularity of the Harry Potter series with our Scholastic GO! eResource. You can also check out more magical stories, paired with a nonfiction counterpart, with our Bookflix eResource using the search word ‘magic.

In honor of the Nimbus 2000 and all the other brooms that have whisked magical characters across the sky, the Children’s Department would like you to stop by and pick up a craft kit, while supplies last, to make this holiday version of the magical broom!


Kit Contents:

Broom handle, black broom base, patterned broom base, two broom base fillers (patterned), straight black piece, two bows, circle for center of the bow, two pieces of ribbon (one for hanging and one for tag), message tag and a plain tag.

What You’ll Need:

Glue stick, tape (optional), crayons and markers, scissors and paper for customizing

Tips for Customizing:

This kit is designed as more of a ‘put the pieces together’ kit. If you and/or your kids would like to customize it, the patterned pieces are white on the back so your kids can use markers or crayons to color those pieces any color they would like. Also, the message tag is white on the other side so you can add your own message. You can even trace your child’s hands and cut them out and use them instead of the patterned broom fillers provided.

These instructions are also included in the take home kit.

Be sure to join us virtually for our Yule Ball at Home on Saturday, December 12 at 7 p.m.