Winter can be a hard and boring time because we are stuck at home with nothing to do. But don’t fret—we always have fun books and activities waiting for you! Our new Winter Reading Program is a fun way to celebrate literacy by reading new books, listening to stories read by your favorite librarians and just sharing and embracing your love for reading.

Did you know that by drinking hot cocoa and playing in the snow, you can earn points for our Winter Reading Program? That’s right, by doing these fun and exciting activities, you are on your way to winning some cool prizes!

Our Winter Reading Program runs from November 30 to February 1. Children of all ages are welcome to participate. Stop by the Children’s Services Desk to pick up your BINGO sheet and a scented pencil. You can also download your BINGO sheet below.

To earn a prize, simply complete four activities in a row. When you complete four activities in a row, return your BINGO sheet to the Children’s Services desk for your prize. As a reward, you will receive two books, glitter slime and a snowflake sticker. You can even participate in the program twice.

So don’t wait—sign up for the Winter Reading Program today to start earning your activity points!

Download and Print BINGO Card

A special thank you to The Third Institute for generously sponsoring our Winter Reading Program and donating these wonderful books!