We are super excited about our Fandom Style DisneyBound photo contest! But perhaps some of you are wondering, what exactly is DisneyBounding? DisneyBounding exists at the juncture between fashion and cosplay and involves creating an everyday outfit inspired by a character (not necessarily a Disney character), without it actually becoming a costume. Sometimes people buy clothing and accessories with a particular DisneyBound in mind, or you can make one from items you already have in your closet by matching colors and silhouettes to the character.

So why is it called DisneyBound? The term DisneyBound was created by fashion blogger Leslie Kay in 2013. For safety and proprietary reasons, adult guests are not allowed to wear cosplay to the Disney parks as it would cause too much confusion as to who is an official cast character. So, she created an outfit inspired by Rapunzel. Kay described DisneyBounding as “expressing yourself through Disney and fashion—however it speaks to you, through your own personal style.”

DisneyBounding began as a way to work around strict park rules and share your love for a character, but it is by no means limited to the parks alone, nor is it limited to only Disney characters. DisneyBounding is a great way to subtly weave your fandom into your regular wardrobe, while still adhering to the dress code of your school or workplace.

We Want to See Your Best DisneyBound

Submit a photo of your outfit from September 13 through October 2. Remember, you don’t need to limit it to just Disney characters. You can represent your favorite fandom from anime, film, TV or video games. We’ll vote for our favorite and announce the winner on Saturday, October 9. The winner will receive a $25 gift card.

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out some of our staff, showing their fandom pride!

John from Building Operations as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Amber from Teen Services as Minnie Mouse

Monica from Studio 300 as Loki

Kelsey from Teen Services as Elsa

Nikki from Adult Services as Briar Rose

Randi from Teen Services as Wonder Woman