New American Girl dolls are available to check out!

Kira (2021 Girl of the Year) and Kaya can now be placed on hold or checked out as part of the Fountaindale Doll Collection. Kira is a new doll in our collection, and our Kaya doll is a replacement (she was lost and on backorder for a while).

We also have new American Girl books! To celebrate 35 years of the dolls, new books for younger readers are now available to check out or place on hold.

Happy Birthday! American Girl by Rebecca Mallary (Author) and Zhen Liu (Illustrator)

Happy Holidays! American Girl by Lauren Diaz Morgan (Author) and Romina Galotta (Illustrator)

Freedom for Addy by Tonya Leslie (Author) and Tanisha Cherislin (Illustrator)

Molly’s Christmas Surprise by Lauren Clauss (Author) and Melissa Manwill (Illustrator)

Samantha Helps a Friend by Rebecca Mallary (Author) and Emma Gillette (Illustrator)

More new books for younger readers are expected in 2022!