New! RBdigital Entertainment & PressReader, Fountaindale Public LibraryWant access to popular movies, TV shows and newspapers? You’ve got it! We’re excited to expand our digital collection to include two new free digital media platforms: RBdigital Entertainment and PressReader.

RBdigital Entertainment

New! RBdigital Entertainment & PressReader, Fountaindale Public LibraryFeel like binging? In addition to their already robust collection of eAudiobooks, eMagazines and eComics, RBdigital now offers unlimited access to countless movies, TV shows, telenovelas and much more with RBdigital Entertainment. On this platform, you can watch as much content as you want with a seven-day, all access pass. Once your seven-day pass is up, simply request a new one for the next week—it’s that easy! Here’s what you can find on RBdigital Entertainment:

  • AcornTV: World-class British programming
  • IndieFlix: Pop culture favorites, box office hits, award-winning feature films, documentaries and shorts
  • Pongalo: The largest collection of Spanish-language telenovelas and translated movies
  • Stingray/Qello: The world’s largest collection of full-length concerts and music documentaries
  • The Great Courses Library Collection: Videos taught by the top 1% of university professors on subjects ranging from photography to physics, astronomy to art, history to health and more
  • Method Test Prep: ACT and SAT prep programs that help students raise their ACT scores an average of three points and their SAT scores an average of 150 points
  • Learn it Live!: A social learning platform for wellness and personal development covering topics on cooking, nutrition, child care, financial wellness, fitness, yoga, mindfulness, stress reduction and much more!

Start streaming awesome content now in your browser, or download the RBdigital iOS, Android or Kindle Fire app!



New! RBdigital Entertainment & PressReader, Fountaindale Public LibraryWelcome to the future of news. PressReader offers unlimited access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top newspapers and magazines—without ads, paywalls or incomplete story snippets—as soon as they’re available on shelves. Enjoy premium content in an easy-to-read format with unlimited access to current and back issues. View and download local publications as well as top titles from across the globe, including:

  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • Red Eye Chicago
  • Us Weekly
  • Newsweek
  • Rolling Stone
  • Daily Mail (UK)
  • The Guardian (Australia)
  • Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil)
  • The Globe and Mail (Canada)
  • China Daily (China)
  • Vogue Paris (France)
  • Libero (Italy)
  • Reforma (Mexico)

Start reading now in your browser, or download the PressReader iOS, Android or Microsoft app!