Teen & Tween Lego Building Challenge: January 11–February 14, Fountaindale Public Library

Can you build it? Yes, you can! Get ready to compete in a fun LEGO® building challenge. Each week, we’ll ask you to construct something using LEGO bricks. Then take a photo of your creation and share it with us. We’ll select one tween (grades 4–5) winner and one teen (grades 6–12) winner each week and post the results on Instagram. Each winner will receive a $15 gift card!

Building Challenges

Week 1 (January 11–17): Build a Boat the Really Floats
Week 2 (January 18–24): Build a Maze
Week 3 (January 25–31): Build a House
Week 4 (February 1–7): Build a Favorite Animal
Week 5 (February 8–14): Build a Car or Something with Wheels


Cell Phone Macro Photography

Participating in our LEGO® building challenge? We’ll show you how to take great close-up photos with your cell phone. Use our photography and lighting tips to take pictures of your LEGO® builds or scenes.