Celebrate Heroes, Fountaindale Public Library

What is a hero? Marvel and DC come to mind first with their superheroes Superman, Ironman and Batman. But who are our real heroes? Who is your hero? It might be one of your parents, aunts or uncles. Or maybe a special teacher. Many heroes have been appearing during the pandemic. Our healthcare workers and scientists are great heroes to the entire world. Many heroes you may have heard about, but have no contact with like our military, police & firemen. 

It is important to thank those around you, even the ones you may never meet, for all they have done for you. Here are some of the holidays and celebrations going on in the month of May that celebrate many of the heroes in our lives:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3–7
  • National Nurses Week: May 6–12
  • Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 9
  • Armed Forces Day: Saturday, May 15
  • Bolingbrook Kindness Day: Saturday, May 15

I would like to provide your child the opportunity to thank a hero. I have put together Take-It Make-It kits that include two sets of note cards for you to write thank you notes. I would like you to have your child pick one person that they know—this could be a parent, teacher, neighbor, etc.—and think of the many ways they have helped them. Even the smallest thank you means so much for many people.

For the second card, I would like you to ask them to thank a person they do not know, like a police officer, a healthcare worker, a letter carrier, a fireman, even a cashier would love a thank you note. With Kindness Day on Saturday, May 15, this would be a great opportunity to encourage kindness with your child. These special Take-It Make-It kits will be available at the Children’s Services Desk starting Saturday, May 8, while supplies last.