Did you miss out on your yearly vacation? Or perhaps were you like me and wished for some time to destress from everything surrounding the pandemic? Our new Travel Bags are the perfect solution to your family vacation woes! These bags are available on a monthly basis and center around a specific country. Each bag has an assortment of books, movies, music, crafts, games and prizes all about the country indicated on the bag. Four individually packed crafts will be available for those in your family to join in on the fun. Below are just a few of the countries we will be visiting this winter:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • U.S. Hawaii
  • The Caribbean
  • Madagascar
  • Nigeria

The perfect thing about this “mini vacation” in a bag is that it is only minutes away from your home. And your family gets to keep everything inside with the exception of the books, movies and music.

The bags are available in limited quantities on display in the Children’s Services Department. All you have to do is check out the bag with a staff member.

Children’s Travel Bags, Fountaindale Public Library

Children’s Travel Bags, Fountaindale Public Library


Your exploration doesn’t have to stop with the bag itself. Continue exploring with some of our eResources to complement your travels!

  • Use Trueflix to learn more about countries around the globe.
  • Read stories about people living in different countries using Bookflix.
  • Explore the daily life, customs and recipes of new cultures using CultureGrams.
  • Test your knowledge of different countries using downloadable and printable worksheets from Scholastic Teachables.