Fall Fandom Fest (October 2023)

Do you love all things fandom: the books, the movies, the TV shows, the comics and most importantly, the fun? Join us in person and online during the week of October 22 for an epic fun celebrating your favorite fandoms!

That’s All Folks! Early Animation in Hollywood (Video)
Sunday, October 22 
While moviegoers have many favorite actors and actresses, they also enjoy a wide variety of hand-drawn, animated stars! Enjoy film historian Dr. Annette Bochenek’s exploration of the history of animation, including the work of top animation studios and beloved animated characters.

Abraham & Mary Lincoln in Popular Media (YouTube Video)
Monday, October 23 
This YouTube lecture explores the movies and TV shows that have presented the Lincolns from Birth of a Nation to Spielberg’s Lincoln to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. How accurate are they, and how do they reflect the times they were made?

Hobbit Wreath
Tuesday, October 24, 7 p.m. 
Make a magical wreath perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and his books. Registration required. Registration opens Tuesday, October 3.

Collecting Comics 101 (YouTube Video)
Wednesday, October 25
Interested in comic books? Want to know what’s involved in comic book collecting, how to begin and when and what to collect? Head over to our YouTube channel to discover the fun and a little bit of history of comic book collecting!

Star Trek Night
Thursday, October 26, 6-8 p.m.
Star Trek fans unite! Our temporary Ten Forward lounge will offer prototype ship tours, crafts, trivia, snacks and a virtual mission simulator area. Crew uniforms are encouraged. Pointy ears and non-crew are welcome! Drop in; no registration required.