Kindergarten Concept Kits – Colors & Shapes, Fountaindale Public LibraryWe are offering a kits for children getting ready to begin kindergarten called Kindergarten Concept Kits. Each kit will be themed and include fun hands-on activities to help get your child excited about learning. And the educational themes are so subtle they may not even know they are learning! There is a YouTube video for your child to watch once they pick up their kit, so be sure to watch!

March’s kit is Colors and Shapes and will be available starting Tuesday, March 9 at the Children’s Services Desk. This kit includes:

  • a fun game of Musical Shapes and Colors using cardstock colored shapes (you can also use the cardstock colored shapes as flash cards!)
  • color and shape scavenger hunts
  • a dry erase marker and pouch to practice drawing the shapes (use with the cardstock colored shapes)
  • activity sheets for practicing shapes (also to incorporate colors)
  • colorful foam blocks (to help with 3D shapes)
  • and a surprise craft foam activity.

Each month there will be a new themed kit and a video to watch. On Tuesday, April 6 we’ll launch The Five Senses and Tuesday, May 4 we will launch Sense of Time dealing with concepts of morning, afternoon, tomorrow, etc . . .

We expect these kits will be very popular, so make sure you grab one as soon as they launch. They are available while supplies last.