Kindness Rocks!Have you ever been out walking and found a painted rock? Maybe that rock had an uplifting message that brightened your day? These painted rocks are intended to spread joy and kindness to you and anyone else that discovers them. Megan Murphy is the creator of this movement, The Kindness Rocks Project. She encourages people to leave rocks painted with messages of kindness in and around their communities.

Many individuals, schools, libraries and other organizations have started their own rock gardens. Are you interested in making these yourself? Here is what you need to get started:

1. Rocks

You want to select a rock with a smooth surface. You can either purchase your rocks from craft stores, hardware stores like Home Depot or Menards or even online. An easier and cheaper option would be to go outside and find your tiny canvas on the ground. Whichever option you choose, remember to clean the rock with soap and water before you start painting.

2. Acrylic paints and/or paint pens

There are many different ways to paint your rocks. Acrylic paints seem to work best. The thicker the paint, the better the coverage. If you want your rock to have a solid painted surface, you may end up adding several coats until you get the desired results. Paint pens allow you to do more detailed work, but they are not required.

3. Sponge brushes or regular paint brushes

Any type of brush should work when painting your rocks, but many sites recommend using sponge brushes. I made several examples and used both sponge brushes and regular bristle brushes of various sizes. I also tried a modified paint pouring technique to get a more solid coat of paint.

4. Sealer recommends using either Mod Podge or a spray-on sealer, just as long as it is waterproof. I used an indoor/outdoor Mod Podge that is waterproof.

Once you have assembled all your supplies, it’s time for you to get creative! Add your own images and/or messages such as:

  • You are loved
  • Sprinkle kindness like confetti
  • Believe you can
  • Good vibes only

Need more inspiration and ideas? Visit the Kindness Rocks Project website to download their free “Inspiration and Ideas” PDF. You can also check out The Kindness Rock Journal by Megan Murphy on hoopla.