Let’s Celebrate: We’re 50 & Fine Free, Fountaindale Public LibraryWe are officially a fine-free library! That means you no longer have to pay daily late fines on items that are overdue. We strive to provide excellent service to all residents in our district and understand that overdue fines can often stop people from using their library. By eliminating fines, we hope to share our collection of more than 430,000 physical and digital items as well as our resources, services and spaces with even more members of the community.

We are working to clear any previously issued late fines from patrons’ accounts so everyone can start 2020 with a clean slate. Only charges for billed items (items that were damaged or never returned) and/or collection agency fees will remain on your account. Don’t have a library card? Now is the perfect time to get one, especially since you can still get one of our limited-edition 50th anniversary library cards!

New Borrowing Structure

Even though we no longer charge late fines, we encourage you to please return materials in a responsible and timely fashion so others may enjoy the shared resources we provide.

Three Days Before Due Date: We will send a notification three days before and three days after your item(s) is due.

14 Days Overdue: Your library card will be blocked, suspending your borrowing and meeting room privileges.

28 Days Overdue: Your library account will remain blocked, and you will be billed the replacement cost of the overdue item(s).

42 Days Overdue: Your account (if more than $24.99 in replacement fees) will be sent to the collection agency. A $10 non-refundable collections fee will be added to your account. The item must be returned or paid for in full, and the non-refundable $10 collection agency fee must be paid in full to unblock your library card.

Please contact us at 630.759.2102 or view our frequently asked questions for more information. Learn more about how to pay fees on your library account.

Consider this your official invitation to come back to the library to enjoy all the books, movies, video games, resources, spaces and much more we have to offer! And if you’re already a regular library user, please feel free to check out even more items each time you visit!