Crafting events have consistently been among the most popular activities hosted by the library. They have fostered a sense of community and have been equally enjoyed by both adults and children. However, crafting goes beyond mere paper gluing or model painting; it has also been scientifically proven to have profound therapeutic effects.

Studies examining the impact of crafting on the brain have yielded results similar to the benefits of meditation. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduced the concept of “flow,” where individuals become completely absorbed in an activity, momentarily forgetting the stresses of life around them. Csikszentmihalyi elaborated on this theory and its connection to happiness in a TedTalk, which we have included below for your viewing.

Crafting also serves as a natural antidepressant. When we complete a crafting task, our brains reward us with dopamine, a natural hormone that encourages the repetition of certain behaviors to benefit our species.

A study involving over 3,500 knitters, published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, found that 81% of respondents who had depression reported feeling happier after knitting, with more than half of them describing their mood as “very happy.” So, if you’ve been one of our crafters, you may have already had firsthand experience with this phenomenon.

Another notable benefit is that crafting helps improve problem-solving skills. When we encounter tasks that prove more challenging than initially expected, it compels our brains to seek out problem-solving solutions. This, in turn, contributes to the final benefit: protection against brain aging. Scientists have started to observe how leisure activities can assist in maintaining or enhancing memory skills, visuospatial processing and attention span.

Be sure to explore all our upcoming crafting events; your brain will thank you!

Crafting & DIY Resources at Fountaindale

We also have a wide array of materials and resources to help you express your creativity, complete projects and develop new skills.

Maker Lab in Studio 300

Our collection of desktop fabrication machines are miniature factories that will open new avenues for exploration, custom design and prototyping. Bring your idea to Studio 300’s Maker Lab, develop it with our computer design applications, and then manufacture a completed version using these machines. (Studio 300 Orientation is required to use the Maker Lab.)

Explore the Maker Lab

Teen CREATE Collection

Our collection of CREATE books will inspire you to think outside the box and spark your creativity to produce wonderful results. The collection includes DIY books on drawing, science experiments, manga, face painting, screenwriting, costume design, nail art and much more! If you want to learn how to draw your favorite manga characters, make a duct tape wallet or build your own robot, stop by the Vortex and explore. (Teen Maker Kits are in-house only.)

Learn more about the Vortex


Our STEAMboxes have been carefully designed to educate and entertain the curious minds of K–12 students. Each kit focuses on a different science, technology, engineering, art or math topic and includes equipment and instructions for hands-on activities.

Browse our STEAMbox collection


Creativebug has thousands of award-winning art and craft video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists. Find projects for every occasion, nurture your creative soul by learning new skills and practice your craft every day.

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