Exciting news! We are hosting a traveling exhibition of Hidden Histories of the Transcontinental Railroad beginning Monday, January 10 through Friday, February 18. This is a national traveling exhibition developed by the Union Pacific Museum in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

About the Exhibit

New Traveling Railroad Exhibit for January–February 2022Hidden Histories of the Transcontinental Railroad provides an opportunity for patrons to explore unknown people and the story of our nation’s transportation revolution. American history frequently focuses on themes like westward expansion and the construction of the transcontinental railroad, but this exhibit focuses on the often untold stories of the builders of both the Union Pacific and Central Pacific lines showing the race to Promontory, Utah where the railroad was officially completed. The transcontinental railroad line is still in operation by the Union Pacific today and runs from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Sacramento, California.

 Exhibit Format

The exhibit is housed on the 3rd floor open area to allow for social distancing and optimal maneuverability. It features multiple sections, each composed of interlocking, freestanding, aluminum-framed panels.

Support Materials

A special display cart of books and resources featured in the exhibit is available near the viewing area. (View the list of items)

Additional Resources