Nine Things to Do in Studio 300, Fountaindale Public Library

Today is Studio 300’s ninth anniversary! To celebrate this almost decade-in-the-making milestone, we’ve compiled nine things you can do in our high-tech digital media studio and maker lab. If you’re new to the Studio, be sure to take our orientation to gain full access to the equipment, creative spaces and other resources available. If you’ve been here before, be sure to swing by the lower lever to say hi and try out some of the activities below.

1. Record a song or podcast

We have everything you need to record, edit and mix audio and music all in one place. Start by booking one of our soundproof audio recording suites. Then, be sure to borrow some equipment. We have microphones, audio recorders, headphones, synthesizers and a Rodecaster Pro. Then top off your production by using our software—including Audacity, GarageBand and iZotope—to give your recording the perfect finishing touches.

2. Shoot stunning videos and photos

Much like what we mentioned above, Studio 300 is a one-stop shop to record and shoot gorgeous video and photos. We house two video recording and photography studios, and we offer a wide assortment of cameras, lenses and lighting options to get the perfect shot. If you are into TV production, be sure to use our TriCaster video studio production package with video switcher, titling, virtual set technology and more.

3. Digitize your old movies and photos

Do you have a pile of VHS tapes (or even 8mm film) full of memories like your baby’s first steps or that first wobbly bicycle ride? How about old photos, negative or even slides? Using our VHS to DVD converter or Epson photo scanner, you can digitize and preserve your memories before the ravishes of time deteriorate these media types of yesteryear.

4. 3D print something epic

What do a vase, a pen holder, Baby Yoda, a batterie dispenser and a bottle opener with cap gun all have in common? They can be 3D printed! Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to 3D printing, as Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” We recommend browsing Thingiverse for some project ideas, and then making them a reality in our maker lab.

5. Collaborate with a group

When you need to work as a team, a group collaboration room is a perfect place to get your project done. Each room includes two 48″ monitors and a table with built-in laptop ports and charging outlets so you can broadcast multiple screens at once. The icing on the cake is each room also includes a whiteboard wall so you can brainstorm and organize your ideas with ease.

6. Create something custom

Looking for a unique gift for someone who has everything? How about a custom T-shirt, hat or mug made just for them in our maker lab? With our Silouette CAMEO vinyl cutter and our EverSewn Sparrow X2 embroidery machine, you can design and create one-of-a-kind pieces just as unique as your loved ones. Stay tuned, because soon we are adding a Sawgrass sublimation printer and mug press to help you make even more amazing materials.

7. Borrow musical instruments

Investing in instruments can be, well, quite the investment. It’s no cheap feat to be able to own a guitar, keyboard and drums, but luckily you don’t have to because you can borrow ours! We have quite a collection of electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drum kits, amplifiers and keyboards that you can use while inside the Studio to help you make music without breaking the bank.

8. Make it on a Mac

At the heart of the Studio is our Mac-based computer lab featuring the latest and greatest software, including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Logic Pro, Blender, Scrivener, Swift and more. We have the tools you need to edit audio and video, draw, color and animate, enhance photos, create and design custom art and much more.

9. Enhance your skills

Learning new tech can be tough, but we offer a wide variety of events to help you enhance your skills. Whether you want to learn more about photography or podcasting, or you want to learn a specific software like Photoshop or GarageBand, our talented Studio 300 staff can help you achieve your goals. Visit our events calendar to find an event today. And don’t forget, we are a library, so we have tons of books and resources (like LinkedIn Learning) that you can utilize to learn on your own time!