The word bookworm is defined as “a person unusually devoted to reading and study.” If you ask me, there’s nothing unusual about it. As any good bookworm knows, this is a legitimate lifestyle. I have a certificate and everything. I might have made it and paid for it myself, but it still counts! There’s no right way to be a bookworm, they come in many varieties. And in fact, if you were from another country you might be referred to as a bookmoth instead of a bookworm. I prefer the term bookdragon, but that still hasn’t caught on in most circles.

You too might be a bookworm if you can relate to some or all of the following traits (and yes, I can also print you a certificate if you really need one):

  1. Your local librarian knows you by name
  2. You know that Axis360 usually has shorter hold times
  3. 20 Signs You Might Be a Bookworm, Fountaindale Public LibraryYou pack more books than underwear on vacation
  4. You know that the book is always better than the movie
  5. You keep buying new books even though your TBR (to be read) pile is taller than you are
  6. Your significant other buys you books instead of flowers
  7. You tell yourself just one more chapter before bed and then end up staying awake until 3 a.m. to finish the book
  8. You fill out our Personalized Reading Recommendation form when you need new book suggestions
  9. You bring a book (or two) with you wherever you go so that you can read while waiting in line, while on the train, while your waiter brings you your food, etc.
  10. You listen to audiobooks on your device
  11. You’re part of a book club
  12.  You put a hold on upcoming books weeks before they are released
  13. You named your child/pet/plant after a literary character or author
  14. You have strong opinions about the oxford comma
  15. You match your outfit to the book that you’re reading that day
  16. You tell your friends you’re busy so that you can stay home and read
  17. You love to read books about books
  18. You have strong opinions about movie tie-in book covers
  19. You check out our Amazon Fire tablets to read popular adult and teen eBooks
  20. You regularly watch our YouTube channel for book talk videos