Brainfuse JobNow!Many people in our area have found themselves out of work. While many businesses will open up again eventually, it will never be the same as before. So this is a good time to sharpen your job hunting skills, either to find a new job or to transition to another career.

Brainfuse JobNow! provides you with the practical tools you need to get a job. They offer assistance with building a resume, interview skills and career planning. Each section includes lists of tips and resources on the topic. The most useful feature of the service are the online coaches and experts to review resume submissions, practice mock interviews and discuss your career options over live chat. After creating an account, you will also have access to the other Brainfuse services, like the Adult Learning Center and HelpNow!

Build the Perfect Resume

A resume is your foot in the door and first impression to employers. Brainfuse professionals can look over your resume (and cover letter) for common errors and make suggestions in the ResumeLab. I even used the service before applying to my current position here at the library, and it was a huge help. When it’s time to touch up your resume or build one from scratch, they also offer Optimal Resume, a resume building software that greatly simplifies the process as well as offering help with cover letters, portfolios, interview planning and website building.

Practice your Interview

The interview process is fraught with challenges that can be difficult to prepare for without help. Offering online interview practice, tips, and many helpful resources, the Job Interviews section should be your first stop once you start receiving offers. I cannot stress how helpful doing a trial run of an interview can be to landing a job. You will be more prepared, informed and confident. The tips section offers a useful checklist of things involved in almost all interviews, such as common interview questions and dress code guidelines.

Find the Career for You

If you’re thinking about switching careers, or you don’t know where to start, check out the career section. The live job coaches can help you search, apply and prepare for jobs. If you just started thinking about getting a new job or what to do about school, eParachute and the list of Career Assessments can help you narrow down possible career paths or majors. Need help looking for jobs? See Job Resources, which lists all the common services in online job hunting. The Career Prep and Job section offers lessons, videos and tests for many in-demand careers.

Other Resources

While not specific to JobNow!, there are several other great services offered by Brainfuse:

  • Live Tutoring – Offers help with academic subjects, from kindergarten to collegiate level. Whether your going back to school or if you want to brush on some core skills, don’t hesitate to try this service.

  • Writing Lab – Covers all kinds of writing help.

  • Microsoft Office Tutoring – The Adult Learning Center can help you master Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through hands-on instruction.

  • MEET – Collaborate digitally with friends and colleagues using this digital study room.

JobNow! and the other Brainfuse services can be found in our eResources Page.

Learn More at our Niche Academy page for Brainfuse