September is Library Card Sign-Up Month, and if you don’t have your library card, you’re missing out on a world of entertainment and education. If getting your library card has been on your to-do list since 2017, you can get it done now by applying online! If approved, you will be emailed a new digital library card in minutes. But if you need a little more convincing, here are five reasons you need a library card.

Five Reasons You Need Your Library Card

1. You get free access to all the things.

Yes, we know that you know you get free books at the library, but did you know you can also borrow movies, vinyl records and video games? How about American Girl and Barbie dolls? Furthermore, did you know we also house an expansive equipment collection, including MacBooks, musical instruments, turntables, cameras, microphones, Wi-Fi hotspots, Rokus, Amazon Fire tablets and more!? That’s right—books are just the tip of the iceberg here.

And you may be thinking, well that’s great and all, but I still have to get off the couch and put on pants to get the materials. Nope! You can visit the library anytime from anywhere with our digital collection. Download or stream eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music and magazines directly to your phone, computer or tablet 24 hours a day. And don’t forget, you can always request to pick up your library materials from our drive-thru window, but please wear pants.

Last but not least, we’re fine-free, so you won’t even be charged pesky late fines if your items are a little bit overdue.

Five Reasons You Need Your Library Card

2. You can make, create and share your stories in Studio 300.

Studio 300 is a game-changer. Imagine walking into the Apple Store and being able to borrow a MacBook loaded with cutting-edge software without buying it. That is essentially what you can do in Studio 300, accept our preferred currency is your library card. Our Mac lab is equipped with software from industry leaders such as Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, including Creative Cloud Suite, iMovie, Logic Pro, Sketchup and Scrivener to name a few.

But wait, there’s more. Our Maker Lab will have you creating custom T-shirts, 3D prints, embroidery and more using high-tech machines like our 3D printer, Silouhette CAMEO, ZING vinyl cutter and Brother embroidery machine. And our crazy assortment of professional equipment (see above) will help you record your podcast, start your YouTube channel and follow your dreams.

Our aim is to help you create, design and make with confidence, and we are happy to help you use our software, equipment and machines to accomplish your goals. Get your library card, and then take our Studio 300 orientation to get started.

Five Reasons You Need Your Library Card

3. Your library card makes you smarter.

Well, just physically possessing a library card doesn’t make you smarter—you have to use it! And one of the best ways to use it is by checking out our eResources. We have more than 75 popular, online subscription-based resources to help you with homework, finding a jobcrafting, learning a new language or researching your family history. You can even take instructor-led courses on millions of topics using Gale Courses, LinkedIn Learning and Universal Class. This one-stop-shop of lifelong learning tools that are perfect for students, teachers, business owners or anyone looking to pick up a new skill or hobby.

PRO TIP: We offer so many eResources, it might seem overwhelming at first glance. Be sure to use the filter at the top of the page to narrow down the results by age group, category or both.

Want to advance your education on a more official level? We offer district residents ages 19 and older the opportunity to earn an accredited online high school diploma for free through Career Online High School. Since 2014, we’ve had 24 graduates successfully complete the program and go on to pursue exciting careers. Will you be next?

Famed author Neil Gaiman once said, “Google will bring you back, you know, a hundred thousand answers. A librarian will bring you back the right one,” and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you want to discover your new favorite book, learn more about genealogy or just need help with a specific topic, be sure to utilize our staff’s expertise!

Five Reasons You Need Your Library Card

4. You’ll always have something to do.

We’re not kidding when we say we have events almost every single day of the year. Whether you’re looking to get crafty, explore STEAM concepts, listen to a story, learn new technology or want to chat about your favorite books, we have an in-person or virtual event for you! Our events for children, teens and adults will inspire lifelong learning, foster creativity and connect you with your community. Check out our events calendar today to see what’s happening.

And if you want even more to do, head on over to our YouTube channel where you’ll find hundreds of videos ranging from book talks and movie reviews to easy crafts to do at home and puppet shows. Make sure you subscribe to our channel so you never miss a video.

PRO TIP: Want to explore a museum or Brookfield Zoo? Be sure to borrow one of our Museum Adventure Passes to get free or discounted admissions to local cultural attractions!

Five Reasons You Need Your Library Card

5. We can come to you.

Our Bookmobile and Library Express Van are part of our Outreach Services efforts designed to reach district residents who do not have convenient access to or cannot get to our library. The Bookmobile is a full-service mobile branch of the library that provides scheduled stops around the community that are open to the public. It also visits local schools, senior facilities and community events. You’re welcome to come aboard to browse and check out materials, get a library card or pick up your holds.

The Library Express Van visits local senior facilities and provides library services to all Bolingbrook middle schools and several area preschools. The van is equipped with carts to roll into facilities or schools for visitors to check out materials. The van also provides library materials to patrons of all ages who may need home delivery service.

BONUS: You get a free gift.

That’s right! If you sign up for a new library card or renew your current card this month, you will receive a free gift, while supplies last. Visit our 1st Floor Circulation Desk to claim your prize today.

These are just five reasons to get your library card, but let’s be real, there are a million more. Visit us today or explore our website to find your reason.

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