Inspirations: Rudy Gutierrez
Inspirations: Rudy Gutierrez
Inspirations: Rudy Gutierrez

We are featuring a new illustrator in an Inspirations kit! Stop by the Children’s Services Desk and pick up a bag while supplies last. Our latest kit highlights Rudy Gutierrez. Each bag contains a blank book for sketching, chalk and paper. You will also find:

  • A list of books he illustrated, available in the library or on hoopla
  • Activity ideas for drawing while you listen to music (remember, you can stream or download music as well as checking it out)
  • Some information about murals (Professor Gutierrez wrote a great article for kids about being an artist and making a mural)
  • Ideas for things to look for in the artist’s books and try in your own drawings
  • Fill-in-the-blank pages to help you invent a superhero and a story

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