Learning Evolved: Augmented Reality, Fountaindale Public LibraryCreativity and innovation go hand in hand. Many times we find ourselves needing to reinvent the wheel and change the way we see the world. In this case, quite literally. Joanna Liu and Monica Paprocki are trailblazing a new way of storytelling with their augmented reality application called Cartographr AR, which takes you into whatever world the story is set in. Joanna Liu created this application as her thesis when earning her master’s in virtual learning. She was interested in how people can use digital tools to learn and collaborate.

Monica and Joanna feel that this application brings the storyteller and their audience an unmatched experience. With the app, publishers will be able to create assets that go with their books. When you are reading Where the Wild Things Are, you and your audience will be able to rumpus along the forest, seeing augmented wild things appear.

Currently, their application is on Alpha, but it is already turning heads, getting special recognition for “Product Potential” at XR BRAIN JAM. Winning Peoples Choice Award at NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge and having had a successful Kickstarter Campaign.

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