Since we can’t be together in person for our annual Maker Faire, we’re giving you a full month of maker fun!

Beginning Monday, March 1, join us here for maker, DIY and STEAM-related activities for the entire family. We’ll release new videos for you to try out each week. We can’t wait to see what you create! Share your finished projects with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #fpldmaker.

Browse Books for Young Makers
Browse Books for Makers

Week Four: March 21–27

Worldwide Boomerang

Have you ever wanted to make a boomerang that will always come back to you? Pick up a kit from the Studio 300 table in our lobby, while supplies last. Then follow along to build your own!

DIY Hovercraft

Learn how to make a simple DIY hovercraft using just a balloon, bottle cap, CD and glue.

Bokashi Composting

Presented by the College of DuPage Fuel Pantry and Fuel Garden. Join Garden Supervisor Ana Vitek as she discusses bokashi composting and other sustainable activities that you may undertake at home.

STEAMbox Unboxing

Our STEAMboxes continue to fly off the shelves. They’re perfect when you wish to explore a science, technology, engineering, art or math subject with a hands-on approach. Watch as we unbox the latest additions to our growing collection. Grab a STEAMbox from our shelves in Children’s Services, or explore the entire collection here.

Week Three: March 14–20

Marangoni Soap Boat

Get your STEAM on with this easy experiment demonstrating the Marangoni Effect! We’ll show you how to make a simple soap propelled boat that floats across the surface of water.

Mission to Mars: Out of this World Science

Join Carve Out Tomorrow for a series of videos about space exploration including an interview with NASA’s Dawn C. Stanley as she talks about the The Artemis Program. Check out a rocket launch demonstration complete with in-depth explanation of reaction propulsion mechanisms. And finally, discover a bevy of tools and other resources to further your exploration of this topic.

Carve Out Tomorrow offers other videos we recommend available from this playlist.

Dawn Stanley
Rocket Launch Demo
Space Based Tools and Repositories

Engineering Challenge: Marble Run

Use these tips to build your own marble run and to enter in our contest. Watch this video to learn the rules of the challenge, and then submit a video of your own marble run in action by Wednesday, March 31 below.

Contest Guidelines:

  • Take a short video of your marble run in action (keep them under a minute)
  • Upload the video using the submit link/button below by Wednesday, March 31
  • Entries will be entered into a random drawing for a prize
  • Remember your marble should roll from track to track and not free fall

Week Two: March 7–13

Mission to Mars: Pack Like an Astronaut STEAM Kit

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to space? Build your own suitcase and select what you need to survive on Mars. Use your science and math skills to make the right decision. Stop by the Studio 300 table in our lobby to pick up a Take-It Make-It STEAM kit, while supplies last. Then, watch the instructional video below.

Raspberry Pi Basics

Join the Bolingbrook IT Commission for an introduction to the popular and powerful Raspberry Pi computing platform. Learn to code, play games, access other apps and so much more.

Floating Boat Challenge

Discover how to build a boat using straws, tape, plastic wrap and a disposable cup. Can you keep your boat afloat after you add weight to it? Stop by the Studio 300 in our lobby to pick up a Take-It Make-It kit, while supplies last. Follow along with us to see how your boat compares.

DIY Art Bot

Use these tips to create your very own STEAM-powered Art Bot using markers, a simple monitor, batteries and more. Then unleash the Art Bot to create a colorful abstract art piece. This video also shows an easy hack using an electric toothbrush, foam and tape.

Week One: March 1–6

Wind Vane Kit

Do you know that March and April are the windiest months in the Chicagoland area? Build an instrument that shows the direction of the wind! Stop by the Studio 300 table in the lobby to pick up your Take-It Make-It STEAM kit, while supplies last. Then watch the instructional video on our YouTube channel.

Creative Bug Spotlight

Looking for more STEAM and craft ideas to explore? Look no further than Creativebug, one of our free eResources. Enjoy this in-depth overview of this valuable and truly unique creative platform.

Live Maker Machine

Maker March 2021, Fountaindale Public Library

Drop in on our Zoom webinar to see the most popular Studio 300 Maker Machine in action. We’ll be showing off our 3D printer on Saturday, March 6 from 2 to 3 p.m.


Engineering Challenge: Paper Airplanes

Do you have what it takes to build the ultimate paper flyer? Test your skills with our paper airplane engineering challenge and contest.

Using only one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, submit your best entry in one of our three age groups:

  • Sport Pilot for children in grades K through 5
  • Stunt Pilot for teens in grades 6 through 12
  • Fighter Pilot for adults ages 18+

Contest Guidelines:

  • Use one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.
  • Take a video of your airplane in flight (keep them under a minute, please).
  • Upload the test flight video using the box below by Wednesday, March 31.
  • There will be a prize for each age group, drawn randomly from the entries.