Mango Languages: Linguistic Learning at Your Own PaceMango Languages is a wonderful resource for those looking to learn another language on their own. The resource offers courses on more than 70 foreign languages, including Spanish (Latin American), French, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, English as a second language, American Sign Language and more.

Best of all, Mango Languages is included with your Fountaindale Public Library card! Just follow this link to create your account, choose a language and start learning!

Mango Languages: Linguistic Learning at Your Own Pace

Mango Languages guides you to learn at your own pace in a way that’s never overwhelming. Each language module is broken down into units and chapters, with each chapter focusing on a specific aspect. At chapter end, you get the option to review vocabulary, verbs and phrases—handy because future lessons build on the previous ones.

In each chapter, you learn how to pronounce words, conjugate verbs and construct sentences. You will be given vocabulary, verbs and phrases to translate and answer questions in your chosen foreign language.

Mango Languages: Linguistic Learning at Your Own Pace

As you practice, there are ways to ensure you’re pronouncing words correctly. Mango Languages has a special feature where you can record yourself talking and compare it to the voice of a native speaker. You can see the audio wavelength, so it is very clear if you’re making a mistake. You can also see words and phrases spelled out phonetically and even replay the instructor’s cultural explanations and linguistic tips.

Under the explore tab, you can access Mango Premiere, which lets you learn another language through television and movies. All these tools, plus the ability to move at your own pace, makes Mango Languages a perfect resource for patrons looking to brush up on a foreign language or learn a new one.

Written by and posted on behalf of McKayla Braid, Studio Services Specialist.