Math Homework Help is Here with TumbleMath, Fountaindale Public Library

Do you ever need help understanding a new topic your math class is covering? We have a great new tool to support students (and family members who find themselves turned into math teachers this school year). TumbleMath is like our eResource TumbleBook Library, (where you can read books online), but it’s specific to math. You can find picture books on all kinds of math topics, from counting and money to measuring and fractions. There are even math Manga comics!

Math Homework Help is Here with TumbleMath, Fountaindale Public Library

The company that makes TumbleMath has created helpful guides for how to use TumbleMath at home and at school. You can search the portal for an idea you want to teach and then find books, quizzes and lesson plans (some with worksheets) that go with it. Another way to do it is to browse (the homepage lists new books and favorites), visit the index, or choose from the categories that are at the top of every page:

  • Counting
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Word Problems
  • Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Place Value
  • Measurement
  • Probability
  • Division
  • Graphing
  • Finance
  • Time/Temperature

A search  feature is also available at the top of every page.

Math Homework Help is Here with TumbleMath, Fountaindale Public LibraryThe books come in more than one format and you can adjust the settings so your computer can read the book aloud to a child or a child can read independently. You can also pause the story, which can be helpful for explaining a concept.

One of the best things about TumbleMath is that it offers a large collection of books with unlimited usage. This means that everybody can have a copy of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi for Pi Day, and children can re-read popular favorites like Teddy Bear Patterns or practice with The Coin Counting Book whenever they want. You also don’t have to enter your library card number to use TumbleMath, so it’s easy to bookmark on a home computer or a child’s tablet.