We are ecstatic to introduce you to our new Home Learning Collection! This new collection is located in the back of the Children’s Services Department (by the STEAMboxes) and is full of new materials. We revitalized and modernized the collection with parents and students in mind. Here are some of the items that are available.

Workbooks & Activity Books

New Home Learning Collection!, Fountaindale Public LibraryThis nonfiction collection caters to both homeschooling parents and children. There are also materials that appeal to students in both public and private schools and will supplement their learning outside the classroom. A number of different resources are featured in this collection.

You’ll find issues of the magazine Practical Homeschooling in this collection, as well as many activity books and workbooks. The Preschool Activity Book has a number of photocopy-ready pages containing activities for young children ages 3–7. These activities can help to develop crucial skills and form a foundation for future learning. The Minecrafter’s Activity Book for Kids offers fun, interactive activities that can be done by hand or in the game.

We added a wide variety of workbooks covering multiple subject areas, such as phonics. We have many that focus on STEM and STEAM subjects, such as How to Be Good at Science, Technology and Engineering Workbook, Grades 2-5. This book covers core science topics with clearly laid out instructions, practice questions and practical exercises for self-guided learning. A number of curriculum-based workbooks are included as well. The Essential Homeschool 1st Grade Workbook features 135 core curriculum-based activities and exercises that follow standard topics for first-grade learning to help build reading, writing and math skills.

Homeschool & Parent Resources

New Home Learning Collection!, Fountaindale Public LibraryThe collection also contains numerous materials providing parents with essential resources. These can take the form of literature guides, such as A Guide for Using “The Watsons Go to Birmingham–1963” in the Classroom, along with literature guides for other classic titles like Charlotte’s Web. Some titles were chosen to give parents tools to help their children learn specific subjects, such as The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading.

Alternatively, they can be guides to help parents start their homeschooling journey. Some of these books, like Success without School: Unschooling My Children from Birth to College, will provide accounts of what other parents have gone through and an overview of their methods. Other titles offer guidance on homeschool curriculum design along with techniques and resources for teaching, such as Home Learning Year by Year.

Flash Cards

New Home Learning Collection!, Fountaindale Public LibraryThe Home Learning collection will include new circulating items, our brand new circulating Flash Card Kits! We are very excited to be able to provide flash cards about a number of subjects to meet community needs. We have created several kits.

There are phonics-based kits, such as the Alphabet Flash Card and First Words Flash Card Kits. There are math-based kits, like our Numbers 0-100 Flash Card and Time and Money Flash Card kits. Also included are science-focused kits. We have the Super Simple Chemistry Flash Card kit and my personal favorite, the My First Dinosaur Flash Card kit.

We’re very excited about this new collection and can’t wait to see you in Children’s. Come on in and check it out!