This year’s Oscars After Hours party has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Those of you that have attended in the past know we usually like to do trivia during commercial breaks. Since we had already come up with all the questions, we decided to turn it into a short video. We hope you enjoy these great tidbits of movie history.

If you love talking about movies, don’t forget to check out our monthly Film Club. Each month, we pre-select a film so you have ample time to watch it before we meet. Then we meet to critique and discuss the film in depth. Join us on Tuesday, March 29 to discuss Winter’s Bone, directed by Debra Granik and staring Jennifer Lawrence. It’s available to watch on Kanopy, DVD and Blu-ray.

We hope wherever you may be this weekend that you enjoy the broadcast—may your favorite actors and movies win this year!

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 31, 2022: The Razzies, a tongue-in-cheek award show that hands out honors to the worst cinema of the year, has rescinded its prize for Bruce Willis after the actor’s family revealed he is struggling with aphasia, a medical condition that affects his cognitive abilities.