If you’re at all like me, you really appreciate your mom. Moms are always doing stuff for us, sacrificing so much to make our lives better. They often can be found taking care of everyone around them, even if those people aren’t their kids. These selfless heroes are responsible for so much happiness and kindness in the world. With that in mind, I think it’s important to do something to honor moms on Mother’s Day. Here are a few easy ways you can honor your mom, or moms in general, this Mother’s Day.

Three Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day, Fountaindale Public Library

1. Make a Craft Together

If the endless crafting options are overwhelming you, we have a solution for that too! Try our Bonus Take-It Make-It Craft of the Month—an absolutely adorable flower basket, which can double as a Mother’s Day gift. Kits for this project will be available at our Children Services Desk beginning Friday, May 7, while supplies last. There will also be an instructional video available on our YouTube channel.

Remember, you can work on anything together. You can bake cookies, pie or cake. The two of you can work in the garden together, or even just post silly videos for your family and friends online. What you choose to make isn’t important, it’s that you are making it together that counts.

Three Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day, Fountaindale Public Library

2. Read Her a Book

There are all sorts of wonderful books honoring moms and all that they do for us. We even put up a display of some of these books to make them easier to find. Stop by the display just outside the Storytime Room to check them out.

If you’re just too busy to come into the library this weekend, you can also place a hold and pick them up at our drive-thru. Click on any of the covers below to place a hold on that title in our catalog.

Three Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day, Fountaindale Public Library

3. Remember Your Favorite Times Together

Make a slideshow with all the photos of those special times you’ve shared together, and watch it with your mom. Talk about the funny, happy or poignant memories you share. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can still do this activity. Sometimes it’s nice just to sit down with a family photo album, or you can just scroll through old Facebook or social media photos.

Throw on your mom’s favorite CD or playlist, or you can even make a mix CD with her favorite songs together. Make your mom lunch to make a whole event out of it! Just be sure to take a new photo so you can talk about it next Mother’s Day.

Regardless of what you choose to do for Mother’s Day, all that matters is showing moms everywhere how appreciated and how loved they are. We’d like to invite you to come in and celebrate with us by checking out the items on our display or trying your hand at our Bonus Craft of the Month.