Anime Recommendation: BOFURI, Fountaindale Public Library

Full Anime Name: BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt so I’ll Max Out My Defense

Age Recommendation: 11+

Genre: Isekai / Comedy / Action-Adventure

# of Episodes: 12 (Stream at


“She may be new to gaming, but Maple has found the secret to invincibility! Just put all your skill points into defense until you can’t even move. That works, right? She doesn’t want to experience any pain in the VRMMO game she started playing, and somehow it works better than anyone expected. Now she’s got followers??” 


BOFURI is an absolute delight. Maple is such an adorable and loveable main character that you can’t help but root for her in all of her endeavors in the VRMMO, New World Online, she plays with her best friend, Sally. It’s very lighthearted and feels as if it can fit in the slice-of-life genre, even though it’s simultaneously an action/adventure anime as well. 

It’s very character-focused rather than plot focused. There isn’t a main baddie to defeat, there’s no overarching event happening that carries from episode to episode. Just Maple and her friends’ adventures in New World Online

Everything is very low stakes, but I was still eager to find out what would happen. Sure, it’s not the most important thing in the world to be a top-ten guild, but you still want Maple and her friends to succeed anyway! 

This makes it the perfect show to come home to after a long day of school or work distance learning or working from home. Just sit down and immerse yourself in Maple’s adventures instead to forget all your worries and woes. 

If you like amusing video game focused adventures, give BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt so I’ll Max Out My Defense a try. It’s available to stream on Funimation Now for free with ads or no ads if you have a subscription!