Some people just simply shrug their shoulders when they get mad. Maybe when they are really upset they add a huff. At their worst, they might resort to punching a wall or a water fountain.

But in Kevin Wilson’s book, Nothing to See Here, 10-year-old twins Roland and Bessie have a strange problem. They spontaneously combust when they get agitated.

Yes, it’s very dramatic. I myself have been known to burst in flames, but only metaphorically. Roland and Bessie, however, will quite literally burst into flame and often. Although the fire surprisingly doesn’t seem to effect them, they are sick of having to buy new clothes. And there’s that whole problem with making friends, going to school or even taking a walk around the block.

Madison, the twin’s new stepmom, isn’t exactly sure what to make of this whole thing. This was not in any of the parenting books that she read from cover to cover. Not even Dr. Phil warned her. At the end of her rope, Madison brings in her former boarding school roommate, Lillian, to be their caretaker.

Lillian knows nothing about kids, but thankfully she does know how to work a fire extinguisher. The first few days are rough-simmering, you could say. But, it turns out that she has a trick up her sleeve.

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