“On the Clock explores the lengths that half of Americans will go to in order to make a living, offering not only a better understanding of the modern workplace, but also surprising solutions to make work more humane for millions of Americans.”

Even during the pandemic, we have seen massive growth in the economy, but that rarely results in a higher paycheck for the average worker. Join me as I examine the work of former Onion editor Emily Guendelsberger during her time as an undercover reporter at an Amazon fulfilment center, call center and a McDonalds in San Francisco, CA. Check out my book talk below, and then scroll down to check out the book for yourself.

Jay’s Book Talk: On the Clock, Fountaindale Public Library


Genres: Nonfiction, Autobiography, Labor

First Released: 2019

Part of a series?: No

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Call Number: 331.0973 GUE