Start Planning Your Super Bowl Success in Life at Any Age, Fountaindale Public LibraryAnother NFL Super Bowl is in the history books and what comes to mind is we have the oldest quarterback Tom Brady (Age 43), to win the biggest game of them all. That is quite the achievement considering Father Time suggests that normal circumstances say you should be retired or retiring at that age in one of the most physical sports on the planet. No one has ever had this much success at an advanced age for an American football player.

I like to read books about the success and failure of folks and how people overcome obstacles. One book I found very interesting is The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. Our library carries this book in a couple of formats, one being in audiobook on CD and the other in just regular book format. This book highlights in full detail Tom Brady’s lifestyle, including diet and exercise. I always have been intrigued by how things work, and to take a look inside one of the most successful players in NFL history is worth the read if you have the same curiosities.