What’s New in Studio 300: Google Chromebooks & More!, Fountaindale Public Library

Studio 300 offers a variety of professional equipment you can use in the building or check out to use at home. We offer an incredible selection of cameras, microphones, audio production tools, lighting kits and much more to help enhance your projects. Take a look at some of the newest items added to our collection.


Chromebooks are now available to check out and use outside of the library. Compared to other laptops, Chromebooks differ in that they run on Google’s Chrome operating system (OS). An internet connection is required while using Google Chromebooks since most applications and documents are cloud-based. If this is your first time using a Chromebook, our Chromebook Quick Guide contains answers to frequently asked questions.

Ring Lights

Light your photography, video or online meetings like a professional with one of our new ring lights that are sure to give a beautiful, soft and even look.

ZOOM PodTrak P4

Start your podcast with the Zoom PodTrak P4 and microphone kits for easy-to-use, on-the-go recording.

Roland GO:LIVECAST for Mobile Devices

Upgrade your livestream with the Roland GO:LIVECAST. Connect multiple video feeds via Bluetooth and add music, sound effects and images to your next project.

To check out our Studio 300 equipment, all you have to do is complete the Virtual Orientation for Studio 300. Learn more about Studio 300 and sign up for the Virtual Orientation.