An investigative journalist exposes the many holes in today’s bestselling behavioral science, and argues that the trendy, TED-Talk-friendly psychological interventions that are so in vogue at the moment will never be enough to truly address social injustice and inequality.

The Quick Fix is anything but as Jesse Singal gives a compressive overview of what is wrong with pop psychology and self help. Many authors try to reduce complex societal problems down to a life hack. The author does a great job of condensing the numerous problem in social science research down to a digestible format.

Change is hard, but it is easy to watch my book talk below! Then check out the book for yourself.

Jay’s Book Talk: The Quick Fix by Jesse Singal, Fountaindale Public LibraryBOOK INFORMATION

Genres: Psychology, Self-Help

First Released: 2021

Part of a Series: No

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