Pumping Iron: Getting into Shape this Spring, Fountaindale Public Library

We are finally in March, and temperatures are starting to warm up. Thank goodness, as we had a very cold and snowy February. With wintertime and the pandemic, we have all been stuck indoors, and some of us have become sedentary. For those who are in an office environment or working at a desk for all or most of the day, this could be draining.

Physical exercise is good for the body and mind and helps us live a better quality of life. You should always consult your physician before starting a physical regimen, no matter how slow or light you go with your workouts to start out. But once you get clearance from your physician, then you can get started right away!

Pumping Iron: Getting into Shape this Spring, Fountaindale Public LibraryAs you get into your fitness journey, I recommend watching the 1977 classic, Pumping Iron. This entertaining movie stars a young Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time. It’s interesting to see how each competitor trains and gets ready to compete in contests against each other. As you will see with Arnold, he was the master at using psychological warfare against his opponents. Although he had an incredible physique, it could be argued he wasn’t the best physically—that will be up to you to judge. But mentally, he had the edge to put him over the top.

Again with starting a physical program, make sure to start by consulting your physician first. If you go to an indoor public gym, make sure to follow all of their COVID guidelines (masks, socially distancing, handwashing, etc…). If you have the means, adding just a few pieces of exercise equipment in your home or garage can be great. As the weather is warming up, it will be good to get outside to walk with the family or your pets to feel even better.

Stay safe, everyone and have a good and healthy 2021!

Find a copy of Pumping Iron.